move with the times

Move on~ to start to continue with your life after you have dealt successfully with a bad experience In my studio I have a box filled with devices, cell phones, cameras, laptops etc. And although they vary a lot in design, size, function etc., they have two things in common. They all look brand new and at the same time have all lost their original function.

Move along~ to progress or develop This box is a silent witness of our fast moving Western consumerist society.

Move ~ affect someone emotionally When my latest beloved camera unexpectedly decided it was time for a trip to my box with ‘old’ devices…

Make a move~ to change position, or to move in a particular way or direction …I decided against it. This led to making a series of photos with this badly working camera that all show movement. It’s my tribute to all the ‘casualties’ of our fast moving society.

Move with the times~ to change your ideas or behaviour as the world or the situation changes